09 Jan

Tabloidisasi has become a separate phenomenon in industrial fields which is conducted intensively by some media. Tabloidisasi is considered as an assertion of publicity aspect on private matters rather than public matters and it seems that Tabloidasi prefers to use entertainment, crime and sex rather than economy or politic. Tabloidisasi of media cannot be separated from market mechanism which has supply-demand law. In doing so, the media is not simply dictated by economic interests or capital alone. Furthermore, there are many political and ideological interests involved in it. In the critical thinking, tabloidisasi can be employed to resist against ideological dominance. However, tabloidisasi will not be able to be separated from the interests and hegemony of the ruling power through the market mechanism itself.

It can also be confirmed that tabloidisasi is a form of political representation run by the media. This representation means as reoccurrance of social reality which is deliberately highlighted and as secretion of certain aspects of social reality. It can be referred that the representation of politic run by the media through tabloidisasi model can show whether the media really takes the fight or just it is trapped and subjected to the dominant ideology.

The study that uses discourse analysis on a newspaper, Meteor, shows that political representation which is being operated deliberately practices the use of vulgar language and causes sensasionism, It makes the Meteor as a tool for voicing the dominant ideology. This effect can be seen from the disclosure of street crimes which involves small criminals. Various blasphemies in the form of labeling or stigmatization are consistently attached to these criminal circles. Conversely, for the white collar criminals, the symptom is completely unreadable.

Regarding to some cases such as murder or death of the citizens due to starvation or cold which clearly reflect the government’s failure in doing its biopolitic only makes the corpse as exotica (a spectacle of rare and odd ). It also happens in suicide victims which are shown as a highly terifying versatile and they deserve to be criticized for being despaired. In addition, the publicity of sexual harassment and violence against women, especially rape, indicate that the Meteor is a highly viscous media using a logic language in phallocentrism pattern. The bodies of women who become the victims of crime are displayed as a spectacle that gives pleasure or sexual pleasure (sexual pleasure).

Thus, it can be concluded that Meteor is regarded as tool of ideological state people, despite the fact that Meteor is one of the players in the market place. It happens due to its dependency on producing texts which show crime produced by the state. In such a situation, Meteor becomes the perfect partner with the police in defining the social events that are considered as a crime or not.

artikel ini disarikan dari thesis Mas Triyono Lukmantoro (Dosen Undip Semarang)

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