The effectiveness of parent – children communication

20 Feb

Human action is guided by beliefs and ideology that they are embraced. Those beliefs and ideologies lead people to act and to behave. Radical ideology is a latent danger that could arise any moment. Radical ideology could trigger anarchist terror acts committed by the perpetrators. Several types of terrorist acts are bombings, murders, ambushes, kidnappings, robbery, hostage taking, sabotage and intimidation. Several cases of bombings in Indonesia with its variations can be the manifestation of radical ideology that they embraced. Students, who have already indoctrinated by the radical teachings, have the potential to spread the ideology to other people who live in the same environment. The doctrine of the ideology will be started after the students join the organization. This situation is certainly more difficult to overcome than if the doctrine was started before they join the organization.
It is important to develop an effective communication method as a preventive measure, which is able to identify, to prevent, and to normalize ideological doctrinesby using soft power action. This case study aims was to determine the relationship between the effectiveness of interpersonal communication role of parents – children and peer group to preventing the radical ideology that developed in Indonesia. The populations in this study are students who joined the mouslem student organization, and samples were taken of 100 respondents purposively taken in accordance with the criteria set by the researchers. Results of quantitative data relating to the influence between variables was calculated with SPSS. Variables that exist in the study are calculated by using correlation technique in order to determine the relationship between variables.
Relationship between effective communication and the peer group communications is 0,089. This suggests that there are strong relationships between the two variables. While the significance value between the two variables is 0.379. It shows the significance of the relationship between the two variables to preventing radical ideology

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